Real business pros VoIP with VoPro

Because VoPro provides a level of advanced reporting that is vital to businesses that want to be in control of their communications.

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Some of the pros that chose Vopro

The pulse of your business beats fast. Keep your ears on it.

Your business is the king of your industry.  And you need the telecom tools to help you conquer your days.  VoPro will set your business up with VoIP that will let you forget that it’s there and remember why you chose it.

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We earn the pro in our name. Here’s how:

“Because pros need pros.”

If I don’t have the right VoIP in place, my business can’t function. It’s important to me that the company is rooted in customer service and has the capacity to accommodate our fast growth. Just as our insurance firm is ever evolving, so too is VoPro. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our telecommunication needs. Because pros need pros.

Chaim Berkovic
CEO, Skyscraper Insurance

Our support team is just that: Supportive.

They’re Live

No bots to answer your questions. Only live humans.

They’re Local

No overseas reps that aren’t fluent in English. Only local natives.

They’re Loyal

No impatient techs that get annoyed. Only loyal employees.

“Our needs were nuanced”

We’re in the food industry and our business had some very nuanced needs for VoIP.  VoPro met them all.  But more than meeting our needs is HOW they met them.  With such patience, with such knowledge and with such speed.  We feel like VoPro is literally our partner in business.  They’re here when we need them to be and how we need them to be.

Jacob Shein
CEO, Goldnut

Feature worthy Features of VoPro VoIP

App And Software Integration For Cohesiveness

Multiple users for a single SMS number

Online Portal For Advanced Reporting

Call Parking

Hot Desking

High-tech Phone Products For A One Stop Shop

Microsoft Teams Integration

Drag And Drop Calls For Prompt Service


Caller ID Cleaning For Spam Avoidance

Custom Caller ID

Business Phone Number From Your Cell Phone For Professionalism

Internal Chat

Multiple Users For One SMS for Seamless Teamwork

Spam Removal

Call Queues And Callback Request For Customer Service

Voicemail to Email

Internal Employee Chat For Support

Google Click to Dial

Custom On Hold Music For Satisfaction

IVR Personal Greetings

Paging For Easy Public Announcements

Custom Numbers

"You grow when you’re in the know."

That’s what advanced reporting is for.

In the know, on the go

Mobile App

Even when you’re out of the office you have access to every

It’s all in your back pocket.

Got Product?

Yes, we sell a service. But there’s no way we can leave without offering you some tech advanced telecommunication products.

“It’s really important that our customers reach us”

Many of our customers are medically challenges or injured and it’s imperative that our phone system be state of the art and 100% up to par. That’s why VoPro was our best option. And we did our research well. All we can say is that WE have a great customer satisfaction record because of VoPro. They make it all possible.

Yidi hershkowitz

If it talks like a pro, it is a pro.

Reach out to VoPro to join the many business pros that are already benefiting from our advanced reporting.
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