Top 10 Common VoIP Problems

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VoIP systems are the real deal. They’re cost-effective, super functional, and portable compared to the traditional landline/PBX. 

But like most machines, VoIP phones can also hit a snag. Distorted audio, failed outbound calls, and security breaches are a few issues that can throw a wrench into the works.

Numerous reasons can lead to such complications—unstable internet connection, loose hardware, etc. It’s crucial to be wary of them.

That’s why we—VoPro, bring you the top 10 common VoIP problems, their causes, and some easy fixes to nip them in the bud!

Top 10 Common VoIP Problems

Below is the list of the most common hurdles encountered by VoIP users:

✔ Chopped Audio

During a VoIP call, your voice data is converted into digital packets before it’s transferred to the receiver. You need a decent amount of bandwidth and a stable internet connection to complete this process successfully.

Some data packets can be lost if your system falls short of that. This leads to chopped or distorted audio. Network congestion (too many users) and a faulty router are some other reasons for poor call quality.

To fix this, consider checking your internet connection and run a speed test. Reboot your system and ensure the hardware is set up correctly.

✔ Dropped Calls

Insufficient bandwidth and a fluctuating internet can end up disconnecting your calls midway. This happens the most when network traffic surges and other signals interfere with your call.

Ensure your current internet plan meets the growing VoIP requirements of your business. If you’re experiencing frequent network fluctuations, we recommend installing ethernet cables instead of WiFi.

✔ One-way Audio

Another result of an unstable internet is one-way audio—you can hear the other person, but not vice-versa.

However, in some cases, a faulty microphone might be the one to blame. So, ensure it is plugged in correctly and you’re not on mute. 

Try switching audio devices to find out the cause. If nothing helps, our team at VoPro is more than happy to help you.

In contrast, traditional phone systems need more scalability and may result in additional costs and logistical challenges during expansion phases.

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✔ Latency

Latency refers to the delay in receiving audio, which can create highly confusing and annoying calls.

Jitter is the biggest reason for delayed audio. It is a term used to denote a haywire transmission of voice data packets. 

Latency can also cause echoes besides the usual lag. You could restart your VoIP devices to solve this. 

✔ Hardware Issues

VoIP hardware can go on the blink with use. Mishandling tech and frequent power outages can disastrously impact your devices.

This includes VoIP phones not turning on, hearing static during calls, and compatibility issues. 

Therefore, getting the best hardware is recommended so you benefit more and worry less. At VoPro, we provide a range of products — power supplies, phones, headsets, and expansion modules to power your business with highly functional VoIP devices.

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Unable to Receive Inbound Calls

If your VoIP device doesn’t ring or goes straight to voicemail when you receive an inbound call, chances are your router needs to be reconfigured.

But before that, you must verify three things:

  • The VoIP device is connected to the VoIP platform with the correct phone number.
  • The “Do Not Disturb” mode is turned off.
  • Call forwarding is disabled

If your device fails to register received inbound calls, contact your VoIP service provider.

Outbound Calls Don’t Go Through

Have you ever encountered a problem when making an outbound call?
The Session Initiation Protocol Application Layer Gateway (SIP ALG) tool registers an incorrect IP address and sends your voice data packets to the wrong receiver.
Open your router’s settings and disable SIP ALG. If that doesn’t work, try updating your software.

Security Concerns

VoIP calls are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hackers can eavesdrop and even leak confidential data if your calls are unencrypted.
It is vital to work with a trustworthy VoIP provider who secures your system, releases regular updates, and provides quick support.
With VoPro, you can rest assured of your security concerns with our advanced call monitoring and tracking features.

Failed Authentication

An incorrect password or network issue can log your VoIP device out. In such a case, ensure your credentials are correct, and you have a stable internet connection.
Sometimes, server issues at the provider’s end can raise registration failures.

Trouble Making International Calls

The most common VoIP problem for growing businesses is that they can make domestic outbound calls but not international ones. Often, the fix is simple—enable international calling in outbound call settings.
However, you might not be able to access this feature if you’ve not availed international calling in the first place from your service provider.

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